Beowulf Related Links

        The Beowulf Project (USA)
        ORNL's The Stone SouperComputer (Oak Ridge National Lab) (USA)
        LOKI and AVALON Beowulf Supercomputers at Los Alamos (USA)
        The Hive at Coddard Space Flight Center (USA)
        California Institute of Technology - Naeglin Beowulf Machine
        Clemson University's Grendel Beowulf (USA)
        MAGI Supercomputer for Speech recognition (Czech Republic)
        Hermes at High Energy Physics Lab (Germany) 
        Pentium Farm at University of Mannheim trumpf (Germany)
        University of Manchester - Mad Dog Cluster(UK)
        LAMA Beowulf Cluster (Spain)
        Linux Online
        PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) Home Page
        MPI (Message Passing Interface) Forum + MPICH Implementation        
        LAM/MPI (Local Area Multicomputer) programming environment
        Top500 Supercomputer sites